Aren’t All Home Inspections in Salt Lake City Created Equal?

Believe it or not, many home inspections in Salt Lake City are little more than an educated opinion about a home’s condition. What happens when an inspector overlooks something? Or tells you there are no problems when a potential problem exists? All too often, those unexpected repairs come out of the new homeowner’s pocket… even though the purpose of hiring an inspector is to prevent this situation.

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Seems fair? Not to me either…

My name is Stefan Barnardt and I’m a licensed and certified Salt Lake City home inspector who believes that inspectors should be accountable for the inspections they perform.

That’s why every inspection I conduct is backed by our “If we pass it, we protect it” guarantee, meaning unreported repairs come out of our pocket… not yours!

In fact, our inspections, reports, and findings are guaranteed.

How’s that for peace of mind?

It’s a level of security that no other home inspection company in Salt Lake City or the surrounding areas can match, all for one very affordable price.

Call Mark now at 1-801-895-2556 for a FREE no-pressure consultation and experience just how different A-Pro really is.

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